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The testing laboratory of RTI d.o.o. is accredited according to the SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard by Slovenian Accreditation. Because of this accreditation document the testing laboratory can be registered as “Technical service” (with mark E26B) at the Commission of the United Nations for Europe and is responsible for performing homologation tests according to the ECE regulations. It is also registered at the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels and is responsible for performing homologation tests according to the ES regulations.


Our testing laboratory is accredited for homologation tests of the vehicles, their systems, technical units and components. Homologation tests are performed according to the valid homologation regulations and pre-homologation measurements are performed in conformity to agreement with the client.


Brakes TSV-109 71/320*EGS ECE R-13
Protection against unauthorized use TSV 113 74/61/EGS ECE R-18
Power and emission of Diesel engines ECE R-24 del II
Audible signals TSV 107 del II 70/388/EGS del II ECE R-28 del II
Construction of public service vehicles ECE R-36
Speedometer TSV 117 - Appendix II 75/443/EGS - Appendix II ECE R-39
Installation of lighting and light-signalling devices TSV 120 76/756/EGS ECE R-48
Noise emissions TSV 101 70/157/EGS ECE R-51
Construction of small public service vehicles ECE R-52
Mechanical coupling devices TSV 150 94/20/EGS ECE R-55
Rear under run protection from behind TSV 103 - del II 70/221/EGS - del II ECE R-58
Replacement silencing systems ECE R-59
Rear marking plates for heavy and long vehicles ECE R-70 - Appendix 15
Equipment against side under run protection TSV 142 89/297/EGS ECE R-73
Steering systems TSV 105 70/311/EGS ECE R-79
Limitation of maximum speed 92/24/EGS ECE R-89
Replacement brake-linings assemblies ECE R-90
Vehicles for the Carriage of dangerous goods TSV 156 98/91/ES ECE R-105
Registration plates TSV 104 70/20/EGS
Stationary vehicle plates TSV 118 76/114/EGS
Identification of controls TSV 133 78/316/EGS
Mudguard TSV 137 78/549/EGS
Spray-suppressions systems TSV 143 91/22/EGS
Masses and dimensions (M1) TSV 144 91/21/EGS
Pneumatic tyres for vehicles - mounted TSV 146 92/23/EGS
Masses and dimensions TSV 148 97/27/EGS


In conformity to agreement with the homologation organ (AVP) RTI d.o.o – The testing laboratory performs the tests for national necessities at the following European directives (TSV):


Safety belt anchorages TSV 119 76/115/EGS ECE-R14
Interior fittings and projections TSV 112 74/60/EGS ECE-R21
External projections TSV 116 74/483/EGS ECE-R26
Rear-vive mirrors TSV 108 2005/27 ECE-R46
Measuring of net power of I.C. engines TSV 140 80/1269/EGS ECE-R85


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