The identification procedure for vehicles for particular subjects


Vehicles for particular subjects are vehicles, used for needs of the following:

  • Leading politicians from foreign countries, their deputies/delegates on a special mission and needs of their retinue's members - for official and personal use.
  • International organizations - for official use.
  • Diplomatic and consular missions from foreign countries in the Republic of Slovenia - for official use.
  • Personnel of the diplomatic and consular missions from foreign countries in the Republic of Slovenia and their close family members - for personal use.
  • Slovene citizens that were temporarily employed or living in one other country without intervals for at least one year and returned to Slovenia for a permanent time.
  • Foreign citizens with a temporary or permanent permit to stay in the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Persons that acquired ownership of a vehicle on the basis of an inheritance decision.
  • Humanitarian organizations for performing their humanitarian activities.

The customer makes an application for the identification procedure of a vehicle for particular subjects (OBR RTI-612) to the "Controlling organization" - RTI-KP. It is necessary to enclose the following documentation to the application:

  • Confirmation that the vehicle fulfils the conditions for a vehicle for particular subjects.
  • Plating certificate from the vehicle inspectorate or registration certificate or COC document.
  • Evidence of ownership.


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