Interruption of the homologation test procedure


RTI-PL interrupts the homologation test procedure in the following cases:

  • The "information document" is not consistent with the terms and conditions of the homologation regulations;
  • The vehicle (sample) and the "information document" are not conformable;
  • The vehicle (sample) is not in a proper technical condition for the realisation of homologation tests;
  • The vehicle (sample) does partially not meet some of the homologation regulations.

If the procedure is interrupted, RTI-PL issues a report about the interruption of the procedure with all incompatibilities, imperfections and deviations from the demands of the homologation regulations. The client gets a report about the interruption of the procedure and an application form with the offer for a renewed registration of the homologation procedure (test) after the interruption. After an agreement with the client, testing laboratory sets a new date for the delivery of the repaired vehicle that had removed its incompatibilities and imperfections, discovered at the interruption.



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